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& The Power of Affirmations

Yoga and affirmations go together like peanut butter and chocolate. They are powerful on their own, and potent with perfection when mixed together. While the two can be practiced separately, they are often taught together. If you have taken a yoga class or followed along to one on YouTube, chances are the instructor spoke and had you repeat, either silently or aloud, an affirmation during some point of the practice. Why are these two so powerful for our minds, bodies, and souls?


We could write a whole book on the benefits of yoga. Many people have! We’re going to give you the quick version and highlights of the top benefits you can gain from incorporating yoga into your routine.

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased muscle and joint strength
  • Improved circulatory health and respiration
  • Decrease symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Increase mindfulness
  • Improve metabolism and reduce weight

In addition to the above yoga helps us develop our sense of awareness beyond the mat. The practice itself is about focusing on areas of our body, being present, controlling our breath, and developing our strength and patience.


Affirmations are more than words. They are a way to change our emotions through thought patterns. Let’s get to the basics:

  • Rid yourself of limiting beliefs
  • Practice positive self talk
  • Increase confidence
  • Set goals and intentions for your life and what you want

Affirmations serve as a tool to manifest the life you want. It encourages an attitude of positivity and gratitude. You begin to rewire your brain and stop allowing negative self-talk to creep in. Optimism has been linked to people with healthier hearts, better sleep, and a higher quality of life.

When we practice yoga and affirmations we are influencing our minds. We can elevate our own thoughts and beliefs about the world, our situations, and ourselves. Yoga and affirmations take our minds from an “I’ll believe this when it happens” mindset and turns it into “this is happening because I believe it” mindset. Positive affirmations have been proven to help people raise their self-esteem, assist in aiding mental disorders, and even physical illness. Positive affirmations can also have a powerful effect on our careers and finances. With intention, these affirmations are a daily reminder not of where we are, but of where we want to be and are headed.

Try a few of these affirmations to get started. Put a reminder in your phone to practice daily and change them around as often as you please.

  1. I am worthy of love
  2. I am peaceful and calm
  3. I trust myself
  4. I attract amazing people
  5. Money flows to me in abundance
  6. I am grateful
  7. I am never alone
  8. I attract loving relationships into my life
  9. I am healthy and strong
  10.  I am grateful for the storm, it makes me stronger

Practice these with your yoga. Set intentions. Speak loving kindness to yourself. See how it changes your thinking.

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