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Your path to holistic wellbeing is truly unique. That’s why at Moments Away, we connect you with personalized coaches to support your self-growth.

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The Moments Away Difference

Discover your moments, explore your truth and lead the life you are meant to live. We are here to help you achieve inner peace, mindfulness, and authentic self-reflection.

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What People Are Saying

Isaac is a very good listener and very compassionate. He provided me with different self-care activities. His presence was very welcoming and I felt very comfortable. I could tell that he loves what he does which is important to me. I can tell he genuinely loves to help people. I will definitely continue taking sessions with him.



“I’m happy with my session with Isaac. He was able to help me to put things into perspective and help set small goals that I know will make an impact on my life. He is very understanding and I found the coaching session to be very helpful.”



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Yoga and the Power of Affirmations

Yoga and the Power of Affirmations

Yoga and affirmations go together like peanut butter and chocolate. They are powerful on their own, and potent with perfection when mixed together.

The Power of Expression through Dance

The Power of Expression through Dance

Dancing is a fun and healthy way to express ourselves through movement and music. Dance can act as a non-verbal form of communication. When we dance, the aim is to move our bodies without judgement and to get into the flow of the music and allow the rhythm to take over.

The Power of Mindfulness

The Power of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a skill that anyone can learn and utilize to their advantage. It is something to be cultivated and practiced and is especially useful in difficult and trying times. Mindfulness can benefit us in all areas of life.

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